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Welcome to the Govies community! This is a kind of an open forum for students of the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities (current, past, and prospective) to basically do whatever they want. If you want to rant about the administration, find Govies to lj friend, talk about the wondrousness that is the cafeteria's warm chocolate chip cookies, tell everyone you lost your blue notebook, whatever, feel free. Please add yourself as a member whether or not you think you'll ever read or post here-- I think the more members we've got, the more other people will join, and the more interesting this community will be.

I'm your moderator, mbmargarita, a 2004 graduate with a music concentration. I don't plan to moderate very heavily, I just ask that you follow one rule: Do not use this forum to trash other Govies. (Save that for your own livejournal...)

Posts violating that rule will be deleted, but I'll leave all others alone. There is no such thing as off-topic in this community, because the topics are whatever you decide them to be. Currently you must be a member to post or comment in this community, not because I want it to be exclusive, but because I want people to officially join up. (Look up on this info page, find the link that says "join here." Click it and you will automatically be a member with posting access and all that good stuff.)

Your first assignment: post a link to this community in your lj so other govies can learn about it. You can use this banner if you'd like:

Alright Govies! Join up!